Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Birthday Boy Continued....."

As mentioned yesterday, Don's last present was a propane patio heater....and....as you can see, it came in quite a large box. Actually, this was only the bottom part of the heater, the top came in another large box, so you can imagine how easy these were to hide. I basically just told him not to move any sheets that were over boxes in the basement. I'm sure it gave him cause for thought, but if it did, he acted surprised none the less. :)

Thank goodness for someone who really DOES READ directions! Look at that heap of parts! R2D2 on the right, Copper, or myself, for that matter, weren't ANY help either...... :)

It was almost all put together when Don received a Happy Birthday call from Michelle (ex co-worker), who'd recently moved from Madison to out East. An unexpected and happily received surprise....... Doesn't the heater look huge in the room?

After "construction", it was breakfast time. I went overboard and created a "special" omelet for Don. I included crumbled bacon, 3 cheeses, onions, green peppers, and mushrooms, and of course, used our fresh eggs from the "girls" in the backyard. :)

Don Pato was so "impressed" with his b-day omelet, that he took a photo. OH! And his cinnamon/raisin toast was made by my new mixer, too. Now THAT, still needs some experimentation to meet my expectations...... Too bad the milk didn't come from our own goat, eh? :) And the bacon.....NO! That is going TOOOOOO FAR! LOL


Barb said...

Oh I don't know, a nice little piggy in the back yard snarfing down kitchen scraps could be very nice! :)

MollyBeees said...

Those patio heaters are the coolest (er...warmest) things ever! If I didn't think (know) we would manage to burn our house down with one, I'd get it.

That is one flashy omelette! I haven't figured omelettes out yet. Mr. Bee says mine look more like 'scrambled eggs with stuff in em'. I just pretend that that's what I was shooting for!