Tuesday, April 8, 2008

"Pre-Birthday Dinner Decking......."

Don was going to take me out for my birthday dinner on Friday night because of attending Michelle's going away party on Thursday night. It had been a beautiful day so when arriving home from picking Don up from work, we had our daily afternoon coffee out on the deck. As many times when sitting out there, neighbors stop by to sit for a bit and catch up. Friday was no exception and coffee was soon replaced by bottles of beer. :)

With the setting of the sun, it started to become a little cooler but not enough to break up the gathering. Below in the photo from left to right are: Andy, Charlie (Lonnie was in New Mexico visiting his parents), Michael, and Krista, a newer neighbor from Michael and Anna's block.

Here is Krista being an "enabler" with Jillian, who absolutely LOVES beer! :) When we found out that Jillian loved beer, neighbors "used to" get in trouble with L&C, but as you can see, Charlie has become a little more "laid back' with it.....especially since she was the one who started "this episode" with the dregs in her bottle. :)

Oh my! A photo of Andy without his "flying finger"!

Rob, of course, in shorts! Tis the season!!

Anna in her newly knitted wrap of "Electric Blue". Finally.....something she knitted for herself. :) I am not one to talk, since it took me a couple of years before I made something for myself, as well. :)
After decking it for awhile longer, we then proceeded to go out to dinner....photo documentation will be in tomorrows blog entry.

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