Thursday, April 3, 2008

"My Newest Weaving Project...."

I have to say that I am very proud of this weaving project. I again used chenille, but a thinner strand of yarn than what I used for the table runner. This time I used Hunter Green 1450 chenille, which means it has 1450 yards of yarn per pound on a cone, where the chenille I used for the runner had less yards per pound, making it a heavier/thicker yarn strand.

These photos were taken on a weekend and unfortunately, having a surprise photo shoot, I had not showered yet, and I LOOK IT! :(

In this photo, I have the warp in my right hand (left one in the pic), which is Hunter Green 8/2 Tensel, and in the other, the chenille which I used for the weft. Don LOVES to take photographs in the front room when the morning sun is streaming in the windows.

A photo of the warp on the warp beam, prior to its passing through the heddles.

This photo is both Don's and my favorite. The sun on the warp and woven weft , with the bright blue temple, and against the browns of the woods........ BEAUTIFUL! (Don't forget, you can double click on the photo to enlarge it) :)

Here is the loom with the work in progress. Copper keeps me company while I am weaving (usually snoring in her bed), and Zack, our parrot, is allowed out on his play stand, so he too, enjoys me weaving. :)

Here is the finished wrap/shawl. I asked for advice from one of the online weaving groups about what to do after taking the wrap off the loom. I was told to use a process called "wet finishing", which means wash and dry it. :) The process of washing and drying it plumps the fibers and they take on a soft and luxurious feel, and gives the fabric nice "drape". It truly is amazing how it now feels.

As I said earlier, I am VERY happy with the end result. Yesterday, I put another warp on the loom am in the process of spreading it out, then it must be wound on, so that will most likely wait until I have Don's help.....although I could use the paint can method....... :)


Barb said...


It is absolutely stunning! Wow!


MollyBeees said...

Gorgeous! The weaving process is such a mystery to me! I love the photo of the loom and shuttle in the sun!