Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Sorting Looper Stash......"

While trying to organize some of my weaving materials, I figured it was time to really go through my looper stash and find out what colors I have. I had several bags "stashed" in a couple of places, but truly did not know how many colors, nor how much of each color, I, it was time to sort them out.

After including the few batches that I dyed recently, it seems I have 20 colors of loopers. I should guess they will provide me with a couple of nice multicolored rugs, don't you? ;)

Here is a close up which gives you some idea as to how rich some of the colors are. Due to the variety of thicknesses of the loopers, I think I will chain them as I had done previously, plus it will be easier to accomplish a color sequence, too, since I can chain them up prior to need.........

1 comment:

Nan said...

Nice colors! Do you include the waste yarn that you have between socks?