Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Absolutely, Positively, Totally Completed......"

What started out as a quickly set up and executed weaving, took a much longer time to complete than expected, due to being "put on hold" 2 weeks with the vertigo incident. But.....after I was back "in the pink", they were completed quickly.

Here is the entire woven piece of towel fabric. I used 100% cotton, 10/2 Lunatic Fringe Yarn for both warp and weft, at 24 epi.

This was towel number 1......

Towel number 2........as you can see in this photo, each towel is separated by a small band of brown yarn. In this case, I used some rayon chenille that I had from my stash.

I do have a question for those of you who weave. Notice the edges in several places have "gathered" strangely? Was this caused by uneven tension of the warp? I did notice it happening on the loom (but didn't notice any tension problems), but hoped it would "adjust itself" during the wet finishing. It didn't and still shows as it does in this photo. Anyone have a suggestion so that I can avoid this happening again? One thing that I intend to do to a greater extent with my next weaving, is to lay warp sticks onto to cloth beam as the fabric is being wound onto it. I did do this with the towels, but perhaps too late, or too few?

Towel number 3. "Somehow", this towel was woven shorter than what I "thought" I had planned, but I had also planned for only 3 towels, too. That didn't turn out to be the case either. I had enough warp left after towel number 3 to weave yet 1 more towel........

Which, by chance, turned out also to be the correct length to match the first 2 towels!

Here are all of the towels, hemmed, wet finished, and ready for their new homes. I say "homes", because I will be keeping the shortest one for us, but the other 3 are being sent as a gift.

This coming weekend is the annual Sheep and Wool Festival at the Jefferson County fair grounds. Sara, from Woolgatherer's in Fond du Lac, WI, usually is a vendor at the event, and I hope this year is no exception. I want to purchase more colors of the Lunatic Fringe yarn.......

See you there?


Nan said...

So glad you are going to WSAW! Will, hopefully get to meet a fellow blogger. We leave here tomorrow.

I love the towels! The colors are great!

dc said...

maybe the "gathers" were when you were having the vertigo starting and you didn't know it yet. Actually I am just kidding. I hope who ever gets the gifts will appreciate it. I am ordering some Texsolv today. Hope that helps with rigging up my loom. will let you know.