Monday, September 19, 2011

"Maniphone's 2nd Looper Rug....."

After I received Maniphone's "true" measurements for a rug, I set about warping the loom to weave her another. I also included more warp so that I could weave a couple more rugs afterwards.

Taking blogger "Karen of the Woods" suggestions, I dyed 4 batches of loopers on our stove top, using Rit dye once again, and am happy with the results. The photo below shows the colors, which I threw together and mixed up, so that when I chained them, they would come into the chain randomly.

The finished rug. I sewed each hem underneath the last row of loopers, but after breaking a needle and having numerous problems (that I did experience on the 1st rug I sent her, too), I have decided not to hem the ends that way again, so from now on, a slight amount of warp will show on each finished end.

Maniphone sent me these photos of the rug in its new home.......

Tomorrow I will post about a new "recycled" material, called Jazz Strings.


Nan said...

Neat rug, Mike! Looking forward to tomorrow's post.

We did not find a loom that we like. Probably / hopefully at SAFF.

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

WHEEEEEE that rug looks PERFECT there! Good for you to get a good customer and good for her to find a nice understanding weaver!

Karen and Steve
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dc said...

Not wanting to sound like a dumb blonde, what are loopers? Looked pretty cool, and I think I know how you made a long chain then used it for your waft right? I am back from vacation and ready to get my big loom set up. Wish me luck.