Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"Henry's 5!!!!"

How can this be????? I could swear he was just born! Good thing we have photos of him as a baby....no one would believe that he is the same child as this little guy unless they saw photos, right? Especially since he has started pre-school this fall, too......where does the time go?

Sure enough, last Friday was 5 years since Henry's birth. Thank you Maniphone, for sending photos! Here he is with his 1st present of the day at breakfast and before school.

Mom Maniphone and Brother Simon look on and read along with him......such energy in the morning, eh? ;)

After school, he was treated to his birthday lunch at the bread store........

And what do you know? A couple more birthday presents!!!! What a celebrated day this is turning out to be, eh?

Here Henry is with Simon and his cousin Sophie eating his birthday dinner. Looks like younger cousin Sammy had been sitting there, too, but was off and running. :)

Can Henry show any more happiness at what he received for his birthday presents? I believe it was a "Playmobil-mania" night. :)

Birthday song prior to blowing out the candles and his wish. Aunt Jody holding cousin Sammy, Grandma, Dad Jonathan, cousin Sophie (with her back to the camera), and "The Birthday Boy"!

A close up of Henry's birthday cake, decorated with Playmobil people. It was a special cake, too.....Red Velvet Cake, at his request. :)

It was definitely a "thumbs up" birthday! His shirt says it all....."Life is good". ;)

Jonathan and Simon helping put together Henry's new Playmobil Castle.

Playing with his presents until bedtime........What a day it has been. Happy Birthday once again to Henry!


Nan said...

Nice photos...they sure grow up too fast!

KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

That is just so cute...

Karen and Steve
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