Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"My Jazz Strings Runner/rug....."

I wove and I wove, until I felt I should weave no more.....the sheds that the shafts created when the treadles were stepped on were getting narrower and narrower. I stopped when the lease sticks were almost touching the back shaft.

The resulting Jazz Strings runner/rug ended up being a nice long 9' x 32" and truly feels like Berber carpet. I was also surprised to see that there didn't seem to be any take up in the width of the rug. I planned for a 32" and that is what it measured when off the loom and out of tension. Unfortunately, I didn't measure the length as I wove, so I don't know how much length was lost due to tension, but I will keep track of that next time.

This will be a nice addition to my camper, which sits on my sons land as a "guest house".


Nan said...

I like! Is the slight variation of "pattern" where you used a new ball? I really like this. One would be great in our motor home. I think I need to find a loom at SAFF!

Sue O said...

Love your rug! Will have to order some Jazz Strings. I am curious, what sett did you use, it looks to be perfect for the strings.

Jenny Bellairs said...

The rug turned out great. I like the pattern the stripes make. Next time, when you get to the end, pull out your lease sticks, and you might be able to get a couple more inches of rug woven.

dc said...

Wow, how great is this! And 9 feet. You really did "wove & wove" I went to the college this morning and talked to the instructor of the weaving class. Will do a post later on that. I am so jazzed up to do something on this big loom. Get that Jazzed??? Gotta order some jazzy strings too.