Friday, September 30, 2011


I didn't get too far with my weaving yesterday, although far enough to find out a few things......

1) Using Jazz Strings for my waste yarn area worked well because it is nice and thick....and weaving a large section of it, easily allows enough for a long fringe. Fringe will be another learning experience, too. I bought a little gadget that "twists" groupings of warp ends together and evenly, prior to tying them off. That will be the subject of a future post.......I can assure you of that. ;)

2) I also learned that I did not need, nor want, to beat the weft too hard. You can easily see the difference in the lower photo of when I began using less pressure on the allowed the colors of the warp to show through....barely, and believe me, I wasn't use much pressure on the weft before!

3) I also understand that I will need to find some nice patterns (right now, I am only using "Plain/Tabby" weave) to use if I want solid warp and weft colors to stand out. As I mentioned in yesterday's blog post, this is an experiment. :)

4) And lastly, I now know, from personal experience, that I can weave with chenille yarn for both weft AND warp.

Even though there won't be "crisp" color variations on this scarf, I do think it will be nice when completed. I will see what happens to this "subtleness" of color, too, after the scarf is "wet finished", which means after it is washed and dried. Wet finishing allows the yarn fiber to "full" (the yarn strands plump up), so the color variations may disappear or stand out a little more, but it also brings out the true softness of the yarn as well.

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