Thursday, September 1, 2011

"Rob's Birthday!"

Rob's birthday was last Sunday and we actually celebrated it on "the day". Good timing wouldn't you say? ;) He came over after he got home from a day canoeing on the Wisconsin River with our former neighbor, Andy.

Here I am, trying to protect the lit candles from the light breeze......

Rob barely had time to make his wish........but he blew the candles out before the breeze did it for him.........or so we hope. :)

Rob had me do the honor of cutting the cake.......

Lonny, Charlie, and Griffin came over to help celebrate, too.

As did Daria, Ben , and their daughter Tala, who just celebrated her 1st birthday a few weeks ago, too.

Charlie, Ben, and birthday boy, Rob......

Parents will be parents, eh? Gotta keep an eye on the kids....with Coppers help, of course. ;)

Griffin and Tala had a good time playing with our "extensive toy collection", as Don and I, along with everyone else, watch them play together and share.

A great photo, don't you agree? They are such great kids! Always smiling, always we all hope our kids are, when out in public, correct? ;)

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dc said...

Looked like a fun celebration!