Thursday, September 8, 2011

"Simon and Henry's First day of School........"

Courtesy of of the boys first day of school. Simon, of course, has been in school a couple of years, but this was Henry's first day EVER!

Here is Simon on his way out of the house......."ready to ride".......

And Henry fitted out to ride as well.....he looks determined, doesn't he? He even wore a tie for his first day! ;)

Dad Jonathan was able to experience their first day, too! That's Simon "in the lead".....he knows the route very well. Maniphone brought up the rear so that she could take photos along the way to document this huge event. ;)

Here we have both boys at Simon's school. Simon will get settled in and then off to Henry's school. I'm not sure how far away it is, but easily gotten to via riding bikes.

Best of luck to both boys in their new year at school!

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dc said...

will wait for the pictures. Just wanted to let you know that I ordered some of the Texsolv today. Everyone agrees that I have to get rid of that heavy nylon rope on the hook up of the treddles to the Lams. Cross your fingers for me.