Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"From Facebook......"

I belong to "Mackinac Island Insider Tips" on Facebook. The reason.....I worked on "The Island" the Summer after graduating from college....1972. I was a bartender in the Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel. It was a fantastic Summer and I had a wonderful time, working from the end of April, to the end of October, as I did not get a teaching job that Fall.

That being said, the hotel employed quite a few people whose average age was 18 to mid 20's, with a few older, experienced persons who knew the jobs and trained the rest of us. Our living accommodations were in "White Cloud", the huge white house on the right, pictured in this photo (located below East Bluff) which was recently posted on Facebook. I commented on the photo as being where I lived while working/living on The Island. Because of that comment, I was contacted by Judy, or Little Judy, as she was then called. My roommates name was Mike also, he, Little Mike, and I was Big Mike, so you can see the pattern, although the other Judy was just called Judy. ;)

In one of our "catching up" Facebook emails, Little Judy mentioned that she still had the ceramic house I had made for her. I hadn't a I asked her to send me a photo of it if she would/could. Here it I remember making this rough little clay house? No, but I do know that it was one of the projects I used when I began teaching art at Niles High School, in Niles, MI. After all those years, who'd have thought she would still have it? My thanks to Little Judy.....

And to think I was hesitant about doing much with/on Facebook. It can bring about some pretty special reunions......

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