Friday, September 16, 2011

"New Warp......"

I measured out and put on a new warp this past weekend......16' of it , in fact. Christmas is coming and I want to be prepared. ;)

Here it is being wound onto the back beam of my Oxaback Lilla Floor Loom. One thing I did to make the job easier, was to measure the distance between the warp beam Texsolv ropes (which is 8" by the way), so I now measure out warp per 8" groupings, or in groups that equal 8", and have marked on the warp rod those same measurements, so I know exactly where the Texsolv ropes should be, and how much each set of chained warp will cover. Such a simple solution! Why didn't I think of it earlier? Not enough consistent practice/ experience warping, I'm sure. ;)

I use my Harrisville Tensioning Device with winding the warp on, too, and am able to keep a nice even tension. I hadn't finished winding the warp on but needed to put things away for awhile so I hung my beater back into place, just to get it off the floor until I could get back to continue work, and "by chance" saw that the beater added a little more tension to the warp, which would be even better for winding it onto the back beam! This extra tension helped smooth the warp out more evenly. I will certainly continue using this "little extra" from now on!

All threaded, tied, and header to begin weaving "looper rugs"!

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Nan said...

I'm eager to see the final product! I have friends who enjoy warping more than weaving...I can't imagine that!