Friday, July 29, 2011

"Sheila and Eleanor/Ellie Visit"

Sheila stopped by for a visit after taking Ellie to the vet. Ellie, exploring the house as we walked back to the sunroom, found everything about it very interesting. I'm sure, due to Copper's scent everywhere. We settled into the sunroom, closing both pocket doors behind us, so that Ellie was confined with us in that space.

After a thorough search/exploration of the sunroom, Ellie settled down onto Copper's bed. Here Copper seems to be wondering why this little tiny puppy has been allowed to use her bed.

But she, too, settles down and gets comfortable. At one point during the visit, Copper got up and also laid down in her bed, sharing it with Ellie. Of course, that its when I decided I needed my camera........and of course, she moved from the bed as I came back into the room. I guess it was too cute of a photo op and wasn't meant to be. ;)

A close up of little Ellie.

Sheila and I had a nice visit.

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