Friday, July 15, 2011

"Home Again and at Happy Hour!"

Rob is "sipping" some tequila that I had infused with Habanero Peppers. I didn't mention this earlier.....but when we were in Iowa City, we ate at a Mexican restaurant called El Banditos. Delicious food and signature margaritas. What made their signature margaritas so special was the pepper infused tequila that they used, which they did themselves. Our waitress was happy to tell us how to infuse our own tequila, which I did upon returning home. Rob was the 1st to try it.......

And yes, it IS special.....he had a bit of a breathing/talking/coughing issue afterwards, which was EXACTLY my reaction to my 1st taste of El Banditos "spiced margarita". Even though the tequila is VERY hot due to the Habanero peppers, it IS TASTY! Jyothi, a neighbor from down the hill, also takes a sip, but when asked if she wanted a margarita made with it, she preferred one from "plain" tequila. ;)

Marti and Rebecca were able to make our happy hour last week. Don and met them at last years Bioneers conference here in Madison. Also in this photo is Jyothi's father, Roy.

The rest of the group, all couples with "youngin's" are as follows from left to right: Jamie, with 2 month old Maddie, husband Zack (back to the camera), Charlie, next to Jamie, Daria, with daughter Tala, Lonnie, with son Griffin, and Ben, Daria's husband. Ben is not shunning the group, but facing Rob, having a serious conversation from the looks of it. ;)

A close up of our 2 little friends, Tala and Griffin. Both are extremely well behaved, happy kids, and enjoy their time at happy hours.

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