Tuesday, July 26, 2011

"Neighborhood Gathering"

Last Saturday was another, larger, neighborhood gathering. The day was sort of "iffy" through the morning, but by afternoon, the sun came out and the day cleared up, so the timing for a late afternoon/early evening gathering was perfect.

Here is Becca being held by Jyothi. The gathering was held in the backyards of Rob and "his other side neighbors", Rick and Susan.

Theron (left), looks on as his 3 kids check out something, with Justin, Susan's son talking to someone not in the photo.

Katy brought her "trainee" for a bit of mingling. Katy is doing the preliminary training and when she is done, the pup will move on to another trainer.

Neighbors from other parts of "the hill" from left to right are: Robin, Elspeth, and Bruce.

Javon and Theron......

Angela came back "to the hood" for the gathering, too.

Here I am keeping Andy from "flying" his middle finger at the camera. Some "kids" just don't grow up. ;)

From left to right: Rob's sister, Laura, neighbors Jeanan and Doug, and Laura's husband, Gary.

Jerry, Annie, with husband, Bob on the right (her left). :)

Left to right: Ethel, Lucy, and Pat.

Another view of the gathering.

Linda, from down the hill, and Alf, from down our street.

We had a very nice time. The weather, the friends, the food and drink....."priceless". ;)

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Angela said...

Damn Michael, I look like I'm getting ready to give birth in this picture. My mother should have sent me to charm school - oh wait - she did! Oh well. Later, A