Monday, July 11, 2011

"Iowa City Jazz Festival on July 4Th......"

July 4th in Iowa City was not bright and sunny by late afternoon. The day started out sunny and warm (not as hot as the previous Friday), but turned cloudier as the day progressed.....we even had a few sprinkles of rain, too.

This photo was taken from where we had placed our chairs to watch the entertainment on stage, as well as the fireworks, too. This area, once again, is called the Pentacrest.

After getting our seats settled, Don did a walk-a-bout and took a few photos, while I stayed at our seats and listened to an audio book while we waited for a new band to set up.

This was taken from the front steps of the Old Capitol.....I would be sitting on the far right, under the trees, in this photo.

This was taken from in front of the Old Capitol and towards Don's dorm (the wide building furthest away and across the Iowa River).

This photo was taken on the opposite side of the Old Capitol. People were getting settled in for the fireworks display. Having not gone on this side after they began, we do not know how crowded the area became, but since people were streaming by us the entire time during the entertainment, I'm sure the area was filled to the max.

As Don came back around from the other side of the Old Capitol, he took this shot towards where I was sitting, which would have been directly underneath the tree in the center of the photo.

As the day closed and we got closer to true darkness, the clouds rolled away leaving the sky clear for this beautiful sunset........a foretelling of the wonderful display of colors we would soon see........

Tomorrow's blog entry: Fireworks!!!!

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