Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Part 2 of Our Iowa City Bike Ride......"

After leaving the cemetery, we rode over to Hickory Hill Park, where Don and friends used to spend quite a bit of time.

It is a beautiful park.....very secluded and quiet.

The view behind Don, which allowed one to see for miles, has become harder to see after all the years that have past since Don lived here, due to tree growth.

After leaving Hickory Hill, we stopped at Robert's Dairy for a mini photo shoot. ;)

We continued riding towards the Iowa River and down into City Park. This park was completely underwater back in the 2008 flood. You would never have known it by how it looks today.

This Shakespearean Theatre is something new to the park since Don lived in Iowa City.

The train.......

And the small amusement park, are still going strong.

A jet ski on the Iowa River...........

Hancher Auditorium and Music Building, where Don spent many hours practicing piano, is scheduled to be torn down. The Iowa River is to the left of the bike path and in the 2008 flood, the building was damaged beyond repair. It is to be rebuilt, but on higher ground.

Part 3 tomorrow...........

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