Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Millstream Brewing Company, Amana, IA"

Next stop after the woolen mill was the Millstream Brewing Company. As you can see by the sign, it is the oldest microbrewery in Iowa.

As we walked towards the front door, we heard a repetitive noise, not loud, but continuous. The noise came from the machinery of the bottling plant, which is just off the small lobby of the brewery and seen through a large window. This truly IS the whole microbrewery!

Another view of Millstream Brewing Company........

We chose what we wanted to for Don, and a cherry soda for me. They also make several sodas, too, and we sat outside in their "beer garden" words, not theirs. ;)

A broader view of Amana, IA, which is the largest of the 7 Amana villages.

After leaving Amana, we drove through a few of the other villages, stopping at this woodworking/basket shop. We had fun climbing up and posing. ;)

Remember Lilly Tomlin on Laugh In? We immediately thought of her, too. After actually looking around after our "photo session", we saw the shop has a large poster with Lilly sitting in this chair. :) She had been brought over to the shop before performing in Iowa City specifically because of her ongoing "Edith Ann skit" on Laugh In.

For those of you who would like to go down memory lane.......

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