Thursday, July 7, 2011

"Sunday's Bike Ride While in Iowa City, IA"

Sunday morning, Don and went for another bike ride. This time, we went "afield" and rode out into the countryside with our destination Coralville Lake/Dam.

Here Don is in front of Coralville Lake, standing on the Dam.

Photo taken across the road, which spans the top of the Dam, showing the opposite side of the Dam and where the water of Coralville Lake is given passage, keeping the Iowa River flowing.......

A photo of me in front of the Coralville Lake/Dam Engineering Plant.

After crossing the Dam, we rode down towards the campground at the base of the Dam, stopping at what is now called the Devonian Fossil Gorge. What used to be "just an emergency spillway" for the Dam, this was changed forever in 1993 when the first major flood took place after the building of the Dam. Below is an explanation as to what this means........

An easier read for the 2008 flood. Don and I had actually stopped in Iowa City the week prior to the big flood, staying overnight in a motel on the "Coralville Strip" as we made our way back to Madison from visiting with some of Don's cousins in Colorado. We later saw a newspaper photo of the flood which actually showed our motel room underwater!

Double click this photo for some interesting information.....who knew?!

This is the site of the original emergency spillway which is now known as the Devonian Fossil Gorge.

We continued on past the gorge site, through the campground, stopping at where the water is given passage through the Dam. The force of the water coming through is unbelievable!

I was surprised that the air around this area wasn't cooler because of the "mist" created by the rushing and turbulent water.

Mother Natures natural force multiplied with the help of "man".

Don took a video of the rushing water, which I attached to this post. Unfortunately, it did not work when "published" so I had to edit it out. Come by for happy hour tomorrow and we'll play it for you. ;)

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