Monday, July 18, 2011

"Rod and Sandy's New House......"

Friends, Rod and Sandy, bought a new house. Of course, we had to go and check it out. ;)

Here I am with Rod and Sandy in front of their new, "envelope" house.

Which also happens to have a very nice pond and waterfall right outside the front solar space.

The main entrance brings you into the large solar space, and from there the main living area is accessible via 2 doorways at opposite ends of the leading into the kitchen/dining area and the other into what will be Sandy's hobby/sitting area.

Right now, this LARGE hot tub is in the sitting area and her hobby room is behind the wall at Don's back. The hot tub and wall are to be removed and replaced with glass French doors, which will allow brighter light and better air flow into the hobby room.

Sandy and I are standing in the center of the house. The staircase leads up to what will be the master suite. It has a door leading out onto a balcony above the solar space and also a door which leads outside at the back. The house is built somewhat into a hill, so their access to the outdoors at the back, is almost at ground level.

Behind us is the living room, which has a wood burning fireplace. Their hope is that they will be able to have a fire in the fireplace and that will be enough heat to balance what is gained by the solar space. If things get too cold though, they also have a forced air furnace for backup.

I LOVE the house! As I told them, I am absolutely GREEN with envy. We look forward to our next visit after the remodeling has been finished, and I know I will be even MORE envious! ;)

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Angela said...

I love the "come gather on our porch" gift from door county - so perfect!