Friday, July 8, 2011

"Brown Street Inn, Iowa City, IA"

As I said in my 1st Iowa City post, I would be posting more about the inn we stayed in. As you can figure out, it is located on Brown Street, which is in one of the historic districts of Iowa City, IA. It it truly a beautiful house. You'll notice there are no front steps.......we thought perhaps that wasn't original, but when talking with Mark, one of the innkeepers, he told us that was the original design of the house. I guess the original owner didn't like visitors, eh? ;)

Our room was on the 2nd floor, left 2 windows in this photo, plus the smaller center window (our bathroom).

So having the main entrance on the side of the house has you walk into a small foyer, and then into this larger foyer, from which the main floor rooms connect. Ahead on the left is the dining room and the living room is on the right. As you can tell, Don took this photo from the stairs, which lead up to the 2nd floor (5 bedrooms for guests), and a small staircase from the 2nd floor leads up to another bedroom, in what was the attic (a suite actually, with limited kitchen facilities).

The study/library is directly right from the entrance. Access to the front porch is seen to the left, exits from the living room.

A view taken from near the dining room windows looking towards the entrance. The kitchen entrance is to the right from the dining room.

A view from the study/library looking towards the foyer entrance. A computer/printer is located in here to use if one does not have their own with them. The house has Wifi, too. :)

Our bedroom......The Green Room. Each bedroom has its own private bath, too. You can see my leg in this photo.......

Doing what I normally do during "down time"......knitting! ;) Our room was VERY comfortable!

The front porch is a true asset to the Bed and Breakfast. We spent some time each afternoon out on it, knitting, reading, and computing. ;) Rockers on one end of the porch.......

Table and chairs on the other end, with the small fountain and potted plants in the middle, adding to the serenity and pleasure of being outside.

As you can imagine, we both would HIGHLY recommend staying at the Brown Street Inn if visiting Iowa City, IA. Mark and Bob are wonderful innkeepers.....friendly, warm, and EXTREMELY hospitable. Truly an understatement....... ;)

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