Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"Iowa City Ride- Part 3"

The last lap of our bike ride took us through more of the The University of Iowa campus. The building behind Don is the Old State Capitol, before the Capitol was moved to Des Moines. The Jazz Festival was held on the opposite side of the Old Capitol, on what is called the Pentacrest.

This was Don's mothers dorm when she went to school here. Don also worked here in the dining service.......

Our last stop before heading back to Brown Street Inn was at a house where he spent many hours with his good friend, Lynn. The house looked exactly the same, except for the landscaping has grown to much larger proportions. ;)

That is to say it looked the same from the front.....from the back, it was totally different!

It also had these really cool corner stones, both front and back of the house. We thought these were very gnomes?

We then headed back to the Inn so we could change and go downtown to enjoy the Jazz Festival.

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