Monday, July 25, 2011

"The 1st Weekend Gathering-Friday Night Happy Hour"

Jyothi, with neighbor Rob's sister, Julie, stopped by for happy hour on their way to the movie, Harry Potter.

Rob, Made', and Julie's husband, Dan. I'm "shamelessly" plugging my appetizer...sourdough sun dried tomato pesto garlic bread, with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and sautéed' mushrooms, for "build your own mini pizzas. ;)

Mary (center), with friend Sarah, and her husband, Greg. Mary, Made', and their friends were stopping by for a quick visit prior to leaving for Fort Atkinson. They were going to see some musicians at Cafe' Carpe.

Bill and young companion (also forgot her name) chat with Rob as I welcome Rory and Linda.

Rory and Linda brought us a gift from Door County. The sign is perfect for us....."Come Gather on our Porch". ;)

Charlie was busy watching friends Karen and Phil's baby girl, Sabina, along with being Mom for Griffin.......she did get some help (a little) from a few of us, but was "Mom in charge".

A wider view of some of the group from the left: Rory, Linda, me holding Maddie,(neighbors Jamie and Zack's little girl), Sandy, Joyce, Joe, and Terri, Jyothi's Mom.

Another angle of the group to include Terri's husband and Joythi's Dad, Roy. ;)

Friday night happy hour was an enjoyable time, but it was "just the beginning".......we had another neighborhood gathering the next day in Rob's/Susan and Rick's, backyards. Photos tomorrow.....

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Barb said...

LOVE the sign!!