Monday, August 1, 2011

"Friday's Happy Hour......"

We had a nice group Friday night attending happy hour. Here Rob checks out the snacks under the towel. I must point out that the towel was one of my first handwoven ones that I did. I'd never woven kitchen towels before, so ordered a kit from Halcyon Yarn, Bath, Maine. I'm happy with them, ALTHOUGH......I'd forgotten what 100% cotton was like right out of the dryer! They definitely are not permanent press! ;)

Barb, Geoff, and Bruce all tried our habanero infused tequila.......

Here is Barb's reaction......although she did like it. It does kind of take one by surprise, even when warned of its "heat". Both Geoff and Bruce liked it as well.

Jacob stopped by so Zoe could show us her hands that had been "colored" by M&M's.

So much for "they melt in your mouth....not in your hands", eh?

A nice happy hour.

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Molly Bee said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I wish I wasn't tied up every Friday, I'd love to see you guys again!