Wednesday, August 3, 2011

"My Next Set of Towels....."

I got started yesterday with my next set of kitchen towels, this time using 2 greens and a blue with the white.

Here are the 4 cones of yarn which will be used for warp and weft.

Measuring out and tying the warp in sections.

After measuring the warp, it is then spread along the back rod (left, next to back beam), keeping the "cross" held in place by the lease sticks (center, 2 parallel pieces of wood), and going through the warp spreader (right, where warp disappears under the wood before going through shafts), which keeps warp threads in 1 inch groupings. I have 24 warp threads in each grouping.

A photo from the front which also gives a better view of what the warp spreader looks like. Hans, from Woolgatherer's ( in Fond du Lac, WI, custom makes them. Today I will spread the warp evenly along the back rod, then wind the warp onto the back beam using my tensioning device from Harrisville Designs ( Thankfully, it fits my Oxaback Floor Loom, too.

An update when more work gets completed. ;)

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