Wednesday, August 24, 2011

"Kitchen Towel #2 Completed......"

It took a fairly short time to weave it, but a long time to get back to sitting at the loom. I finished the 2nd kitchen towel yesterday, using 1" bands of colors. A simple design pattern, easily woven and executed, and nice looking, in my opinion. :)

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dc said...

You might be interested to know I joined the local Fiber Guild. Got invited to a meeting last Sunday and what a nice bunch of women. All stages of expertise. Have one professional who was kind enough to offer to come to my house to help with setting it up. Thanks for your advice. Now I need to find where I can get that "stuff" to connect the treddles that you mentioned with the holes to help in hooking up. Will go back to your message and write that down. Thanks again. Will post some pictures as I go!