Friday, August 19, 2011

"Friends From Michigan Visit Madison....."

Friend and former co-worker, Barb, stopped in Madison for a quick visit as she and her husband, Kevin, were driving through on their vacation. I met them on the east side and had them park their car so that I could drive them on a little tour of the Capitol and University. They then treated me to lunch....nice, eh? ;)

We had eaten lunch at The Great Dane in Hillsdale, and were so close to home, that we stopped by for them to meet Don. After a short visit, I drove them back to their car and they set off, heading towards Spring Green to see Frank Lloyd Wright's "House on the Rock" and "Taliesin". Unfortunately, they arrived too late to tour those places (I learned this from having received a postcard from nice is that?!).

They did manage to stop at other fun places in Wisconsin, if this photo is any indication. ;)

I had to include this photo of Barb, too, because we discussed Garrison Keeler at lunch. I'm not a big fan, although Don (who is!) and I did attend one of his shows while on vacation in Bayfield, WI a few summers ago.

It was so nice to see Barb and Kevin, even though it was for just a short time. We had a lot to catch up on. I have to say that I found this hilarious.......Barb had written herself notes on what she wanted to tell me! Now this shows you how well she knows me, eh? She had to make sure I was updated on everything! LOL

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