Friday, August 26, 2011

"Our Breville Juice & Blend Arrives!"

After checking the Fed Ex site daily with a tracking number for our "Breville Juice & Blends" arrival, the day finally came! I happened to be out in the backyard picking up "stuff" prior to mowing when it arrived, but found it immediately when I walked around the house on my way to get the mower from the garage. Oh Happy Day!

Out of the shipping box and awaiting opening.....

Extremely well packed....not a thing could move from its assigned place.

All unpacked and set by the sink for washing, but that was put on hold until after dinner. I had too many errands planned for after mowing, plus I wasn't going to do any juicing until the next morning.

Don took this photo as I began getting ready to wash everything prior to todays use.

Our Breville Juice & Blend in its storage area, ready for making its first juice this morning.

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dc said...

Wow Hope it is all you want it to be. I bought one of those Jack LaLane machines and ended up selling it on ebay. I wanted one that liquified EVERYTHING. I didn't want pulp left. I know they make them. Tell us if yours is that kind. Happy Juicing!