Friday, August 5, 2011

"Fast Track....."

My goodness, but I must be on the fast track for getting these towels woven! I actually attained yesterdays goal of getting the warp tied on tightly and start weaving. Here is what the first towel looks like so far.

I decided to break the design into a 1" band pattern, using 2-1" bands for the beginning white, while incorporating 2-1/4" and 1-1/2" bands into other 1" segments, in keeping with the pattern sequence. The design will be balanced by repeating what I am doing now, only in reverse, when I reach the middle of the towel.

I get to custom design each of the 3 towels. Obviously, there will be similar results, but each will be different in some way, with the exception of the vertical warp stripes, of course. Still, I think they'll make a nice set.


Maniphone said...

Beautiful colors! Great job!

dani said...

Very very beautiful, I love this colors!

Molly Bee said...

Fancy weave-work there lately, Tex! Absolutely beautiful!

dc said...

you do beautiful work, and thanks for visiting my blog. I am was searching for info on the headles and lam hook up and it lead me to that blog post you did last winter. I don't see an e-mail for you on the blog info I will post a couple pictures on my blog of the loom. My e-mail is You are kind to offer to help. dc