Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"Finished Bucky Towels....."

It hadn't dawned on me when I was measuring out warp threads that I was using the University of Wisconsin colors (it must have been subliminal since I see them so much), but when I had them stretched out on the loom, it hit me......thus, my "Bucky" towels. For those of you who are not Wisconsinites, Bucky Badger is the University's mascot.

This is the first towel I wove, which I actually took off right away after weaving. I was not happy with how the edges were coming out (too loose and flimsy), so cut the towel off re-tying the warp, moving the outside end threads, doubling up the already doubled threads, in the hope that by doing this, I would have nicer/firmer edges when weaving. Double click on the photo to see what I mean about the edges not being very nice.......sewing straight end hems is another thing I am not very good at either.

Here is a photo of the 3rd towel being woven. As you can see (especially if you double click the photo), the woven edge is MUCH nicer looking.

An "under view" of the 2nd towel beginning to be wound onto the cloth beam.

On towel number 3, I strayed away from the pattern and began using more bands of the 3 weft threads (they are the ones woven across, although, the warp threads are the same yarn in this weaving) for variety.

The 2 towels and an extra little end piece (near the floor). Having a bit extra, I played with the color combinations a bit for the experience.

The finished "Bucky" towels....hemmed and hanging tab added.

When I was at the Woolgatherer Weaving Shop in Fond du Lac, WI (http://www.woolgatherers.com/index.htm) buying the spools of yarn for these towels, I also decided to pick up a few more spools of color for future towels, so I'm "thinking" that I will continue with towel weaving for my next weaving project. I guess I should use supplies from my "stash"......since that is why I bought them in the first place. ;) By the way, Woolgatherer's is also where I bought my Oxaback Floor Loom. If you are interested in fiber arts, check out the link to their shop......and yes, I AM endorsing them as I am a very happy customer! ;)


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Oh I like your Bucky towels~! And yes, your selvages did look much nicer after reworking. Great job!

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dc said...

I enjoyed looking at your woolgatherers site. Beautiful looms. makes me drool.