Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Educational Happy Hour....."

Terry, a neighbor from "down the hill", brought one of her "pet" projects/hobbies to happy hour last Friday. She raises Cecropia Moths! She'd been given a pair a few years ago and now raises them. This year she has 24 caterpillars from 2 breedings.

She brought 3 to happy hour, but only 2 can be seen in this photo. She said that within a few weeks, they all would be spinning their cocoons and then her work will be done. She has to fill their cage with fully leafed, apple/crabapple branches twice daily, due to their huge appetites!

I took this photo off of the internet to show you what they will look like next Spring. Beautiful, eh?


Barb said...

Pollinators! You KNOW I'm adding this to my project list. ;)

dc said...

Wow, what a hobby! Thanks for sharing