Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Timer and Trimming....."

As you may remember, we bought 4 new chickens or "pullets", (which means they are young hens who will soon start laying eggs) about a month ago. Chickens will only lay eggs when stimulated by enough daylight, which I believe takes around 14 hours. We've not done this before (although, I had when I raised chickens years ago in Michigan), but we added a light to the coop earlier this week. Last year, we'd decided to add a heated bowl so that the chickens water wouldn't freeze, and ran a long heavy duty extension cord out to the coop for the winter. So all I had to do was add the timer and lamp to that.

This photo was taken using a flash from the back door of the house.

And this one without flash......quite the beacon of light in the dark, eh?

A close up which allows you to see how bright it is inside. Quite cozy, eh?

Weeks ago, we'd gotten a notice that the city was going to do some tree trimming in our yard. The company who was doing the trimming has been in the neighborhood for several weeks and finally got to us a few days ago. They started at the dead end of Briar Hill........

Then moved to behind Bridget and Tracie's..........

And finally to our yard. We had 2 small volunteer trees growing on our side of the fence that had to be cut, so they were lucky I was home to unlock the back gate for them. :)

I noticed so much "discussion" amongst the is a wonder they made it to our yard at all that day. ;)

As you can see, these photos were taken before we had our big snow storm. 24 hours before, to be exact. Tomorrow I will post some photos of "after". Quite a BIG difference.

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