Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"The "REAL" Fun Begins....."

The "group" is at the top of the hill between Rob's house and ours when the "idea" comes forth for a sledding run. Can't you just see those devious minds working? ;)

"Big Kid" takes the first run, breaking the way for the many changes and innovations on the hill that will create the "perfect' sledding run.......

Back at the top, Andy (Big Kid), takes to the hill again.

Gaining more control.....and speed as he defines where the run will be.

With a slight twist of his body he creates a slight curve in the run for the participants future enjoyment.

We did hear a definite "whump" escape his lungs when he got to the street. There needed some tweaking of the transition from hill to street.

Lonny's turn to try it out.......

He added a little running start to his first time down........ I chose not to include the next photo of Lonny's didn't show his "best" form, that would be perfected, too. ;)

Andy gaining the plastic saucer again and striving for more speed.

What form, eh? The run would soon be packed down enough that he would take Benjamin on his lap.....the "true" purpose of this entire event. ;) Hmmmmmmm..........I think there is something subliminal about this photo.....those of you who know Andy......what is your impression? I truly didn't notice it the first time I looked at the photo.

Watching for cars/trucks was not a major issue that day, although a few did occasionally make their way past......slowly.

Sledding soon to be continued........

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