Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Dam Replaces Dam....."

This first photo is what the old dam looked like at the end of Vilas Park.

This is it's replacement. The work was started this past Spring and was just completed a few weeks ago.

The following photos give several views of the area the new dam encompasses. And yes, of course, that is Don on his tadpole trike. ;)

We weren't the only ones there to take photos.......

Although soon we had the dam to ourselves. :)

The grate that Don is above some sort of area that allows an a sectional wall to be raised or lowered. Right now, it is at its top height.

The new waterfall is gently curved, which is different than the former waterfall.

An area of land was cleared on the other side of the dam/waterfall, too, which makes the whole area seem HUGE!

It will be an exciting area to visit when the salmon are spawning this Spring and they come to jump the dam. :)

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