Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"An Early Christmas Gift....."

Don surprised me with an early Christmas gift the weekend before Thanksgiving. We'd talked about getting new pots and pans for quite awhile, but I was totally surprised when he said that we needed to go to Williams Sonoma Saturday afternoon to pick up my new Calphalon cookware set. Happily surprised to say the least. :)

Each and every pot/pan was put to good use that following week in preparation for our Thanksgiving dinner. Each one had to be "seasoned", so having the large dinner to prepare was perfect to get that done in a timely fashion.

Below are 3 views of my new cookware.

An unexpected bonus from Calphalon, is that they will recycle your old cookware for you, taking away any indecision as to what to do with it (part of our discussion which took place on the way to pick my new set up....). The new set was double boxed and the inside box is used to pack ones old cookware for shipping to the Calphalon Company (after printing a shipping label from their website), where they will send it to the appropriate recyclers. All I had to do was pack it, tape the label on it, and drop it off at a Fed Ex shipping office, which is very easy, since we have one on the corner of W. Washington and Regent St. Such a deal, eh?

I couldn't be happier with my new cookware!

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