Monday, December 21, 2009

"Saturday's Mini Crank-In..."

Don and I drove over to the Hawthorne Branch Library (East Washington) on Saturday, to attend a mini crank-in. A crank-in is a gathering of members and people who own Circular Sock Machines, or CSM's. These local members try to schedule one each month. Next months is scheduled for January 23rd......yes, it is on my calendar. :)

Below is Pat, who was modeling a mitten scarf that another member, Barb, produced on her machine. Pat, and another member, Renice, sent me the information about the crank-in.

Here is Pat at work on one of her 6 (YES, 6!) machines.

Pat, along with each of the members who attended, was filled with information and suggestions about sock machines.

This is the piece she was working on. This is the beginning of "turning a heel".

This is Barb, one of 2 Barb's there that day. Behind her is Dawn, who doesn't yet own a machine (but is planning on having one at some point), and joins the group gatherings when she can. We were pleasantly surprised when we walked in, when Dawn re-introduced herself to Don (who knew her immediately), as she is the daughter of one of our neighbors from down the block. It was my first time meeting her......she is as nice as her Mom, Sandra.

This is what was on (in?) Barb's circular sock machine.

This is a NZAK (New Zealand Auto Knitter), the only circular sock machine that is being manufactured now....yes, in New Zealand. :) Most of the machines that one sees are from the late 1800's and early 1900's that have been thoroughly cleaned and oiled or re-conditioned. Machines were manufactured here in the USA and also in Canada.

Renice (standing), me, Barb, and Pat in the background. Barb is explaining something about her machine. I was given the opportunity of cranking her NZAK for 30 rows. :) OH YES! I LIKED IT!

I'm holding a sock that Renice made on her machine. There is a very large learning curve to circular sock machines, but I feel I am up to the challenge.

Tomorrow, photos of my having a lesson on "turning a heel", using a 2nd machine of Pats, which was set up with scrap yarn specifically for the purpose of allowing novices a "hands on" experience.

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MollyBeees said...

Cool Beans! There was a guy at Knit Night on Friday that had a whole 'scarf' of hand cranked socks and mittens still on the waste fiber! Can't wait to see your progress!