Thursday, December 24, 2009

"Random Seasonal Photos....."

What do you do with an extra "Christmas Stocking"? Why, you hang it on your loom, that's what!

My Great Aunt Dorothy, known to my part of the family as "Dordy", was a china painter and painted many, many pieces with a Christmas theme. This is one of her "cookie plates". :)

Tis the season of baking gifts for friends and neighbors. Believe it or not, these 2 loaves are the exact same recipe, BUT, the larger one had a egg added into the dough. An amazing difference, eh? The smaller one actually was quite large, but the one with the added egg is the all American "Super Sized"! ;)

Some outdoor decorations that we can see from our house. Across the street, Lonny and Charlie added lights to their house......

And to one of their trees, too.

Christina and Christen also have outdoor lights and added to their large tree inside the window, it makes a beautiful display for the neighborhood.

Don's creative "art photograph" of Christina and Christen's house, along with Lonny and Charlie's tree. A very pretty effect in my opinion.

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MollyBeees said...

Very Pretty! Merry Christmas Guys!