Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"The Backyard in Daylight....."

Don went to the backyard to snap these photos, taking a quiet break from the commotion out front. The weight of the snow on the reflecting ball actually made the ball roll out of its stand later that day......I don't have any other explanation as to why the reflecting ball would've been lying on the snow next to it when we saw it out of its stand later. No footprints led to it.......

Even the chain link fence was almost a solid mass (I'd knocked it off of the one by the coop feed storage cans). The snow on the greenhouse didn't stay up there too long, but slid down and covered the path I'd shoveled out to the chicken coop and compost bins within 24 hours after this was taken. I wish that kind of action happened on the main house, saving us from raking it off. ;)

A view from the back gate. The snow has melted some since last Wednesday due to warmer temperatures, but we still have a lot left and I don't think the temps are rising again for awhile. There shouldn't be any problem with having a "White Christmas" this year. :)

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MollyBeees said...

Love the garden globe with the snow! That should be a Christmas card! Knit Night this Friday at The Ear-just sayin'!