Thursday, December 31, 2009

"Bath/Hot Tub Towels......."

I finished weaving 2 of the bath/hot tub towels and took them off of the loom. I had warp enough to weave 3 of them, but not enough room on the loom to wrap a final towel, so cut the first 2 off last week.

This is how they looked when unwrapped from the loom and still connected to each other.

A close up of where #1 ended and #2 started with the white woven spacer yarn in between.

After separating them.......

Sewing one of the end hems.......

The finished towels "in use". :)

I've tied the warp back onto the front rod of the loom and have begun weaving the last towel. I also have started getting the warp ready for my next weaving project, too. This one includes spinning my own warp/weft and dyeing it. I will begin posting those photos very soon.


Maniphone said...

Very nice picture of Don! The boys just asked each other what I was laughing about ;) Hee-hee!

MollyBeees said...

GORGEOUS! And the towels are nice too! :-)