Monday, December 28, 2009

"Christmas Stockings 2009......."

Here are the 3 Christmas stockings of our household....from left to right: Copper's, Don's, and mine. The rest of this post will be "all about Copper". ;)

Copper with Dad......she doesn't look too happy, but that will soon change as we open her 1st present from her stocking.

Feeling "Oh So Festive"!

Giving me "the look" which means, "OK, enough with the camera, it's time to open my package".

She's on the scent.......

She's very interested, although she'd not had this treat before......

She "daintily" takes it from me and quickly heads to her bed to enjoy her "Chewolabar".

This is another package that we opened a little later. She definitely got into our little ritual of opening her packages. She DEFINITELY looked sad when she was told there weren't anymore to open........

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