Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Snow Day....."

With the University and most businesses closed, the neighbors were all home and out helping each other clear driveways of the heavy, wet snow.

Surprisingly, our street had already been plowed and they moved cars from driveways to clear the snow from them.

Rob clearing a path from Lonny and Charlie's house over to Christina and Christin's. I "think" he is doing that for Frank, our mailman. Our two houses have the mailbox down at street level near the end of our driveways, so we do not need to do that.

This is Benjamin's first major snowstorm. He naturally was around for last winter, but not the age of being able to go outside to play in it.

Christin taking a break......

Andy, our oldest "kid" in the neighborhood. ;)

Soon joined by his female counterpart, Christin. :)

Christina taking a break......

Lonny enjoying the time outside.......this was only the beginning of a fun filled day. ;)

And while the "kids" were having a snowball fight, I was working diligently on removing snow from our work is never done. LOL I sure took my time about it and took many, many breaks, plus Lonny and Rob came to help me as well. :)

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Angela said...

I can't believe that the oldest "kid" in the neighborhood has a kiddo of his own ...