Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Wisconsin Highland Games....."

Last Saturday, Don, neighbor Elspeth, and I, drove over to the annual Wisconsin Highland Games (, which were being held at the Waukesha Expo Center, Waukesha, WI.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect, in my opinion.  The temperature was moderate with a nice breeze, and a partially overcast sky, so I didn't bake in the sun.  ;)  Very, very pleasant.

Our first stop in the "Circle of the Clans" was at the Clan Forbes tent.  Elspeth wanted to see what information they had, as her father's side of the family, if I remember correctly, was Forbes.

Unfortunately, Don's mother's side of the family, Clan Anderson, wasn't represented, but we enjoyed seeing the various exhibits of the other clans.

Wandering over the an area which was set up for some sort of dog competition, I was able to get a nice photo of these Wolfhounds.

Several breeds were represented......

And yes, some wore kilts, too.   :)

In their Clan's tartan of course!

Then on to watch some of the athletes compete against each other in their "feats of strength".

Continuing our wandering, our next stop was to watch the blacksmiths working on some small projects.

At noon, the "Parade of Clans" took place.

Afterwards, it was a must to look through the various merchandise available from the vendors.  ;)  This Badger in his "Wisconsin Tartan" kilt was the perfect companion for a photo op.   ;)

Walking over to where the pipe and drum bands were getting ready for their competition, we listened to the Madison Pipes and Drums ( bagpipers get in a little pre-competiton practice.  Our friend Rory, seen on the right in hat and sunglasses, you may remember from happy hour photos when she brought her "parlor pipes" and played for us.  Chris, whom Don has taken bagpipe lessons from, is left of center with his back to the camera.

Next stop in our checking out the sights was at the "A Knight To Remember" ( pavilion.  The bareheaded Knight gave a very good explanation of what knights did, what they wore, and how they fought and jousted.

And also gave a demonstration..........

Leaving the "A Knight To Remember"(, it was time for the "Pipe and Drum Competition".  Madison Pipes and Drums ( were competing in the class that held 4 bands.  Unfortunately, we have not heard how they rated, as the band scores wasn't to be announced until later that day.  Hopefully, Rory will be at happy hour tomorrow and we'll find out.

We had a great time at the Highland Games!  It is a very enjoyable time and I look forward to attending again next year.

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