Monday, September 10, 2012

"Sheila's Birthday Breakfast......"

Saturday morning, Don, Claire, and I met Sheila and Penny at Sardine ( for breakfast to celebrate Sheila's birthday, which actually was on Saturday.  Don, of course, is taking the photos, so we won't be seeing him in any but one, which I took.

Breakfast was delicious and after that, Sheila opened her birthday card.  The "singing card" was "Anything You Want", by Roy Orbison.  There may be a few of you out there who remember him?  The theme is "perfect" for Sheila!   LOL

Next came her birthday present in a too large box, but it was the smallest we had when I wrapped her gift.  After several layers of tissue, she found her..........

"Birthday Scarf"!

Yes, I had woven another silk scarf, but this time in plain weave, so it is "lighter" than Penny's birthday scarf, which was woven in a twill pattern.

Penny insisted on helping Sheila try it on several ways......

Some of you may remember when Penny "helped" back in 2009........

A photo op as we leave.  Penny and Sheila left to run errands, while Don, Claire and I headed up to the Capitol Square so Claire could experience the Dane County Farmers Market (, the largest "producer-only" farmers market in the United States.

When walking around the Square, we heard a bagpipe playing, so followed the sound until we found the bagpiper playing across the street from the farmers market in front of the Brocach Irish Pub (  Don had a nice little chat with him about piping.

Leaving the farmers market, we came home to let Copper out and once again got back into the car to drive to our next adventure.......The Thirsty Troll Beer Fest (, which was taking place in Mt. Horeb, WI, not far from Madison.

I had a good time "people watching" while Don and Claire did some sampling.  The beer fest was very enjoyable and we all had a good time.


KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Lovely scarf, and she looked very happy to receive it.

Now.. one thought though, the name "Sardines" and "breakfast" just don't seem to go together!!!

Karen and Steve
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Bernard said...

Lovely adventures you describe, Mike. The scarf is very pretty.