Thursday, September 27, 2012

"New Neighbors....."

Our newest neighbors on our block are Amanda, Kevin, and Ian.  They've joined us at happy hour several times and we enjoy their company very much.  They are a great addition to the neighorhood.

They'd mentioned possibly adopting a puppy, and recently they did.  This is Amanda with their new little girl, Koda.

Koda is the sweetest little girl!  Here she is meeting Evie for the first time........

And yes, she DOES have PUPPY ENERGY!   ;)

Amanda said that with all of Koda's social visits to our deck, and all the positive attention she has gotten while visiting, she now looks to see if we are out as they pass by on their walks.  Nice to know she looks forward to visits with us as we look forward to hers, too.   ;)

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