Friday, September 14, 2012

"Chestnut Furniture for CO........"

After cleaning up the Chestnut planks, Jonathan picks out the ones he'll use for making the bedroom set (headboard, bed frame, and 2 side tables).

After cutting the pieces for each bed table, he then glues them together.  If I "assume" correctly, they are a bit longer than they will be after the final cut.

This is the photo from which my "assumption" was made.  He now runs the glued pieces through the table saw for those "perfect edges" and correct length.   ;)

Jonathan gluing the legs for the bed frame, and one of the completed bedside tables sitting behind him......

All 3 bedroom pieces are built and final sanded.  After blowing the fine wood dust from them, they'll be ready for their Polyurethane finish to be applied.

The finish certainly brings out the beautiful woodgrain and depth of color in the Chestnut.

All 3 bedroom pieces ready to load into the U-Haul trailer seen in the photo.  As I mentioned yesterday, the delayed delivery of the Chestnut put a bit of extra pressure on Jonathan.  The furniture pieces were completed the day BEFORE they were to leave North Dakota for their trip to Colorado.  He hadn't any wiggle room in his work time........thankfully, everything went as planned!   ;)

Arriving in Boulder, the question of "would the box spring fit" into the newly crafted bed frame?  It was a PERFECT fit!!!!

And yes, "someone" was feeling pretty good about he should have.   ;)

What an achievement!  All of those hours of "am I going to get it done?" paid off BIG TIME!  How great to know you are sleeping more comfortably because you're lying upon something you made from scratch?  True, technology helped, but one has to know what needs doing in order for it all to turn out as planned.   ;)  Great job Jonathan!!!

Also, as I also mentioned yesterday, I'll have a follow up on Simon and Henry's shelving unit, plus a few more "extras".   ;)

Have a GREAT weekend!