Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Walnut Stereo Cabinet....."

Another of Jonathan's furniture pieces that he made for their CO house was a stereo cabinet made from Walnut.  I'm guessing that this may be his most involved project to date, but I could be wrong.  I say that because of having to make drawers, but what do I know, eh?   ;)

I could say the my photographer, Ms. Maniphone, shirked her duty in documenting the cabinets progress, but I would be so out of line, that I won't.  ;)  Having 2 young and active boys does not always allow one to do things they'd like to, when they'd like to.......so I feel privileged to get the many photos of Jonathan's works in progress as I have!  Many thanks, Ms. Maniphone!!!

Here is the main part of the stereo cabinets frame being glued together.  The left side of the cabinet will contain 3 drawers.

Here are some of those drawer pieces ready for assembly.

After gluing a back and 2 sides together with the drawer bottom inserted.

And adding a little extra strength besides glue.  The walnut "fronts" lie to the right.  As you can see, the door panels have already been attached.

All pieces are assembled, hardware installed, and the polyurethane finish applied.......now to let them thoroughly dry.


The stereo cabinet in its home with stereo equipment in place..............

Specifically made for this spot.  Looks like Henry shared his little stuffed dog to add a more "at home"  touch to the photo.   ;)

I have a few more pieces to show you.....the mans been busy!  To be continued.   ;)

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