Wednesday, September 19, 2012

"Jonathan's Furniture Continued....."

While Jonathan was building the stereo cabinet, he also had other pieces in the works, too.  In the foreground of this photo, his bench top is glued and clamped while he works on the stereo cabinet drawers.

Here he is making the final cuts on the edges of the bench top to make sure they are even and ready for the bench legs to be attached.

Legs attached.......

Polyurethane applied and drying........

And now living in Co.   ;)

Another piece he has completed is a coffee table.  Here he is trimming pieces for the table top that will be glued and held in place with several bar clamps.

A quick jump from the early process to the unfinished piece.   ;)

And then to the finished piece being enjoyed by our master craftsman.   ;)

He has 2 pieces that he is currently working on......a workbench for the CO garage, and this coffee table that will be used, and left out in the weather, on their upstairs deck.  The metal sign is a nice touch, eh?

Have I mentioned what bicycle enthusiasts Jonathan and Maniphone are?  This is a perfect piece for them!

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