Friday, September 7, 2012

"Nelson's Barber Shop......"

Wednesday, I decided it was time for a haircut.  Jesse, the owner of Nelson's Barber Shop (, Deerfield, WI, now cuts my hair.  I began going to Jesse, who is the son of our friends, Jeff and Mary, a number of months ago.  I figured why not support the business of someone I know rather than someone I don't?  The 23 mile drive is enjoyable, too, driving past farms/fields and getting me out of the city.    ;)

I also bought some shaving supplies this visit, too.  I decided to go back to shaving as I had in the past, using shaving soap, brush, and mug.  I bought one of Col. Ichabod Conk's long handled, pure "badger hair" brushes (how appropriate here in WI, eh?), his "Bay Rum" shaving soap, and a hand thrown lather bowl (a friend of Jesse's makes these especially for his shop at his pottery studio in Cambridge, WI).  Jesse offers an entire line of men's grooming products......check out his website and think about pampering yourself.  Shaving has always been a "chore" for me, but I have to say, I truly enjoyed shaving yesterday.  Perhaps it was just the nostalgia of doing something as I had done as a younger man (how many times can that be said?)?  If something as simple as using a shaving product/method can do this, then I am VERY pleased I made the switch back.   ;)

I took this photo so you could see how the hand thrown lather bowl was designed.  The base allows you to have a good grip on the bowl (you hold it similar to a brandy snifter) when agitating the soap filled brush in the bowl.

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KarenInTheWoods and Steveio said...

Just too cool.... those tools of the "past" are really something.

Karen and Steve
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