Friday, September 28, 2012

"Finished Color Gamp......."

I FINALLY finished weaving the color gamp (color study) kit that Don gave me last Christmas.  It is a 20 color gamp kit from Lunatic Fringe Yarns (  The directions for the 3 suggested pieces gave finished measurements of 36" x 36", but as you can see, mine are not near that.  Even though I only followed the directions for the 1st piece I must have misunderstood what I read or else did something that deviated in some way from the directions.  I certainly am not unhappy with my results though!  I used plain weave for all 3 pieces, changing the color sequences.

This is a close up of the first piece I wove.  The warp followed the color spectrum, beginning with yellow green on the left, and progressed through the spectrum, ending with the lightest (brightest?) pure yellow.  I followed the same sequence with my weft, so beginning on the lower left and moving upwards in a diagonal, each color has its pure block of the color.  The whole idea behind these color gamps is to see how each color reacts with another color, so each band of weft color (42 strands or picks, as they are called) has a pure block of color and 19 different color interactions with that color.

The 3 pieces now need to be cut and hemmed individually.  I plan to stretch this piece over a frame and use, not only for decoration in my fiber room, but as a resource in making decisions on what colors to use together in future weavings.

I thought I'd add a few photos from when I began this color study.  Here are 19 of the 20 cones of 10/2 mercerized cotton waiting their turn to be measured as warp on the warping board/frame.  The first color was already on the warping board when I remembered I wanted to document the process.   ;)

Ready, set, begin weaving!

I'm ready glad I have these photos to look back on so that I can see how much has been accomplished! ;)

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Molly Bee said...

This is absolutely beautiful! What a talented weaver you are!